Tamso Ma Jyotir Gamah-------We HELP THE BLIND HELP THEMSELVES------from darkness lead unto light
Readers & Writers for education of visually challenged

Volunteer for Readers


Volunteers required to read out books to the visually challenged.


The Visually Challenged students face the problem of reading their course books and therefore need volunteers to read books for them. The course books are from class 10th onwards.

Since there is a constant demand for these services so we have decided to create a Volunteer Bank for this service. Those who will volunteer themselves will be requested to come and read books at a mutually suitable time & place. The likely places can be Karuna Sadan Sector 11-B, local colleges etc etc.

Those who volunteer their services may please fill up the form and send it to us. We will then contact you to find a mutually suitable time.



Volunteer for Writers


 Volunteers required for writing exams of Visually Challenged.


1. Every year as the exams approach, the visually challenged across the country are seen facing the problem of a writer to write their exam. The number of visually challenged looking for this support runs. lacs all over the country. There could be about 200 such students looking for this support in Chandigarh alone. While there are numbers of persons who would be too willing to provide help in this noble cause. But there is no way that the needy could reach the willing volunteer for this job.

With this purpose in mind, NAB, Chandigarh decided to create a Volunteer Bank for Readers and writer. 

2. The criteria for selection of writer for visually challenged is as under. The writer must not have studied higher than class for which he/she will write the exam. For example to write 10th exam of a Board student, the write should be 9th pass or studding in class 9th and similarly for higher classes.


3. The writer will have to produce this identity and the certificate of the exam that he/she has passed .Those who volunteer may please fill the forms attached and then we will try to match the qualification and the exam that they can write and also information the dates of exam to check their availability.