Tamso Ma Jyotir Gamah-------We HELP THE BLIND HELP THEMSELVES------from darkness lead unto light
Computer education centre, Chandigarh

National Association for the Blind Chandigarh & Punjab branch is dedicated to uplift the quality of life of the visually challenged and to integrate the visually impaired to enter the mainstream society. The association is rendering valuable services to the visually challenged by developing educational, vocational and employment programs for the incurable blind children and adults. The project is imparting computer skills to the visually challenged to empower them and open doors of information otherwise inaccessible for them and also focuses on skill development through basic IT training.

We are trying to improve upon the capabilities of persons with disability so as to bring them at par with others to the extent possible and computer education has helped us in this endeavor. Therefore, the maximum thrust is on improving the IT skills of the visually-impaired to integrate them with the mainstream society.The training program is open to not only visually impaired but also students from EWS section of society from nearby districts. Besides, students from outside will also attend the course free of cost. Our computer training program, empower blind and low vision students to reach great heights. Students withvision impairment areprovided with one-to-one intensive training in computer applications ranging from basicto advanced. All our programs are totally free for all and no fee whatsoever has been charged from anyone since its inception in 2003. 

Our association is successfully registered under Skill india PMKVY and was the only one teaching computers to the visually impaired in this region under Ministry of Skill.