Tamso Ma Jyotir Gamah-------We HELP THE BLIND HELP THEMSELVES------from darkness lead unto light
Family counseling centre

A Family Counseling Centre is operational since March 2009 at Aasha Kiran Vocational Training Centre, Sector 46 D, Chandigarh where two trained psychologist counsel the disabled and their family members to cope up with the challenges faced due to disability and to create positive thinking and right atmosphere for their growth. Additionally, all the 500 students attending courses at Aasha Kiran and others from outside make use of this counseling centre. The centre is totally free and open to one and all for counseling needs. This centre is being run with the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi. More than 100 persons are benefitted from this counseling centre every year.

We are also working on the possible angle of arranging marriages between persons of different disabilities so as to make one complete workable unit.